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Swimming Australia - SAFE SPORT

The aim of this unit is to introduce legal and ethical policies, principles and practices, which guide working with children and young people, at all levels of sport participation.

Students learn about the legal and ethical issues, behaviour and obligations of a person in a position of authority in a sport organisation as well as the safety and welfare of children and young people. The unit assessment tasks, measure students’ knowledge of ethical principles and codes of conduct as well as their applied understanding of ethically and legally challenging case studies.


Safe Sport course support manual

Registration Terms 

I agree to abide by the Swimming Australia policies, procedures, rules and terms and conditions.

I acknowledge:

- full policies, procedures and rules are available to me HERE

- coach education course terms and conditions are available to me HERE

- coaching related products refund policy is available to me HERE.



Online (Self-paced)

Study level

Corporate Education

Duration (approx)

45 – 60 minutes



learning outcomes

At the completion of this unit, participants should be able to:

  1. Understand how Swimming Australia is leading the way, in safeguarding children and young people in sport;
  2. Understand Swimming Australia’s Safe Sport Framework;
  3. Know how to mitigate risks for children and young people as well as ourselves, and;
  4. Act confidently as well as guide others, to ensure the safety of children and young people.