Implementing Trade Theory In CGE Models: Melitz in GTAP Made Easy GTAP-A2M (for Australian-based Particiapants)

This self-paced training course is for people who want to include Melitz features in GTAP computations. It demonstrates how to integrate elements of modern trade theory, particularly the Melitz model with firm-level product differentiation, along with the traditional national differentiated products model of Armington and monopolistic competition models of Krugman and others, into the GTAP model. The course will be delivered as a sequence of lectures. An illustrative example is worked through in detail simulating the effects of a 10% tariff on wearing apparel comparing Armington and Melitz results. The Melitz theory is implemented by adding code to the existing GTAP model. Participants will gain a theoretical and practical understanding of how to implement elements of modern trade theory in GTAP.

For Australian-based participants the price includes GST. Registration and payment gives you access to the course material for 90 days from the date of registration.

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Academic, Corporate

Duration (approx)

Approx. 1 Day